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Myanmar junta continues to torture and kill children from religious minorities


Myanmar’s Buddhist nationalist junta has disproportionately targeted religious minorities, including Christians, and brutally attacked and killed hundreds of children since last year’s military coup, according to multiple reports, including the U.N. which said the atrocities constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Tom Andrews, the U.N. special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, said in a report that “the junta’s relentless attacks on children underscore the generals’ depravity and willingness to inflict immense suffering on innocent victims in its attempt to subjugate the people of Myanmar.”

Focusing on the killing of children, the U.N. rapporteur said during his fact-finding for the report, “I received information about children who were beaten, stabbed, burned with cigarettes, and subjected to mock executions, and who had their fingernails and teeth pulled out during lengthy interrogation sessions.”

Over the past 16 months, the military has killed at least 142 children in Myanmar, the U.N. report added. “Over 250,000 children have been displaced by the military’s attacks and over 1,400 have been arbitrarily detained. At least 61 children, including several under 3 years of age, are reportedly being held as hostages. The U.N. has documented the torture of 142 children since the coup.”


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