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Church of Scotland votes to allow same-sex marriage for its ministers

By a vote of 274 to 136, ministers and deacons in the reformed Calvinist denomination can now apply to become authorized celebrants to conduct same-sex ceremonies.


According to a statement released by the Church of Scotland, “no person [will] be required to participate in or be involved in the arrangements for the same-sex marriage unless they explicitly wished to do so.”

“There has been a lengthy, prayerful and in-depth discussion and debate about this topic for many years at all levels of the Church to find a solution that respects diversity and values the beliefs of all,” General Assembly Moderator the Rev. Iain Greenshields said in a statement.

Greenshields said that the Church of Scotland is a broad church with many diverse views on marriage among its over 300,000 members, noting that the church is committed to handling the topic in “grace and humility.”


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