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Scotland's radical "buffer zone" law passed the first stage in Parliament

The proposed Scottish legislation could further facilitate the targeting and criminalisation of individuals for their beliefs.

New census reveals the majority of Scots have 'no religion'

For the first time in Scotland’s census history, the majority of people there have said they do not belong to any religion.

Scottish Church leaders oppose assisted suicide proposal

Church leaders have expressed "very grave concerns" about proposals to assisted suicide legal in Scotland.

Scottish "hate speech" bill likely to limit freedom of religion

Criticism from human rights groups centers on the Act's vague language.

SNP could alter conversion therapy ban after revolt

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said it was listening and ‘reflecting’ on critics' concerns

Arrested Scottish street preacher wins substantial damages from police

Street preacher arrested in Glasgow wins thousands of pounds in compensation

The oldest church in Scotland is closed down due to budget cuts

900 year-old Birnie Kirk held its last service on Sunday the 19th of November

A Scottish MP left her party for "feeling unwelcome as a Christian"

Dr Cameron voted against the new abortion regime for Northern Ireland and opposes euthanasia.

Church of Scotland loses over half its membership since 2000

The rise of secularism has been threatening traditional churches in Scotland for over 20 years now.