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Windows of a church in England have been smashed by vandals

Paul Williams was dismayed to discover the windows of St David's Church on New Road smashed by vandals on Saturday. The town is still reeling from the loss of nearby Bethel Chapel which partially collapsed last year and led to its demolition after more than a half a century of closure.


The parish church of St. David’s was built between 1843 and 1847 to a design by Thomas Penson, County Surveyor, at a cost of £4,600.

In 1874-75 David Walker of Liverpool carried out renovations including the removal of galleries and the replacement of Penson’s apse with a yellow brick chancel.

The screen of about 1500 of the Newtown School that originally stood in the now-ruined St Mary’s was moved here in 1856 and part of it now surrounds the Lady Chapel in the north of the nave.

From the outset the building was plagued by damp and poor drainage for rain water.


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