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Bangladesh ruling party reneges promise regarding religious minorities

The Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC) held a press conference this last Tuesday accusing the ruling party, the Awami League, of failing to uphold their promise of protecting religious minorities in the country.


Before their election in 2018, (an election with widespread reports of vote-rigging), the Awami League promised to enact the Minority Protection Act. This law would rectify the lack of special provisions for the protection and promotion of, among other minority factions, Christians.

Christians, as well as Hindus and Buddhists, are persecuted by the Muslim majority. The BHBCUC claims that the religious minorities have their houses, businesses, shrines, and temples attacked regularly.

Forced conversions, the abduction and rape of women, threats, and seizing property is common for those who refuse to forfeit their faith. Because the Christian population makes up less than 2% of Bangladesh, their voices are not heard and their safety is deemed insignificant. 


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