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China is stepping up the fight against Christian faith

The Chinese Communist Government has published a new script for colleges and Communist Party cadres in which it deals with organized religions. The Chinese-language textbook "Principles of Scientific Atheism" is part of the party's campaign to fully and faithfully implement the decisions of the National Conference on Religious Affairs last December, the Asian news agency UCAN said.


The author, Li Shen, in his book, represents President Xi Jinping’s thesis that Chinese culture has never been religious. In addition, at the conference, Xi also instructed the party leadership to tighten monitoring of religious activities on the Internet and control religion in order to ensure national security. Li Shen also offers a scientific explanation for God does not exist and the damaging effect of religion, UCAN reads.

The campaign against religion is now being extended by the communist authorities in Beijing to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Last week, the pro-Beijing newspaper Ta Kung Pao published four articles condemning the retired Hong Kong bishop and renowned Chinese critic, Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kuun, and representatives of other churches for their support of the democratic movement.

Journalist and China expert Benedict Rogers wrote at UCAN that articles in Ta Kung Pao cannot be ignored. He pointed out that if Beijing wants to signal its intentions, it usually does so through “warning shots” in the media.


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