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Man fires at church in Texas, Houston

On the night of November 23-24, a man shot at the main entrance door of Northwest Community Church at 4401 West Richey, northwest of Houston.

“I pray for that man. I have sympathy for that man or woman who decided to point their gun at the church,” said Pastor Shenelle Randle.

It was Randle’s young son who first noticed all the broken glass at the front entrance to Northwest Community Church at 4401 West Richey.

When she looked up, Randle noticed the bullet hole.

Surveillance video shows a car driving in front of the church. The driver turns the lights off, fires the gun, turns the lights back on, and drives off.

The church appears to be the intended target.

“We’re not supposed to do evil for evil, but sometimes you want to pull your stake out, and say why,” Randle said. “You do get mad, but then the God side of me says, I have to pray for my enemies. That’s what he tells us to do, so we have to do that when it comes time to walk the walk. It’s hard, but you’ve got to do it.”

Source: FOX 26

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