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Jasna Góra tower highlighted in red in solidarity with persecuted Christians

The tower of Jasna Góra (Southern Poland) has been highlighted in red. This is part of the worldwide RedWeek campaign organized by the Pontifical Association Aid to the Church in Need. The aim of the action is to deepen the awareness of the persecution of Christians for their faith.


In a spirit of solidarity, red light illuminates significant places: cathedrals, monuments and public buildings around the world. In Poland, Jasna Góra and Poznań were invited to the action. The red light symbolizes the blood of the martyrs. Over 416 million Christians around the world suffer various forms of discrimination and persecution for their faith in Christ, including at the cost of their lives.

“We must constantly remember how many Christians in the world are persecuted because of their faith and remember that it is Christ who suffers in these people, communities and nations. Our external expression of solidarity will be the red illumination of the Jasna Góra tower,” emphasized Father Pastusiak.

He added that the RedWeek campaign is to remind everyone that there is a lot of evil, violence and many suffering in the world. – With this action, we want to encourage, first of all, to pray for the suffering and persecuted Church, but we also ask for the grace of reflection for those who persecute,” emphasized the curator of Jasna Góra.


Image: JasnaGoraNews

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