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US State Department condemns attacks on churches and in Myanmar

The United States Department of State recently issued a statement condemning attacks by the Burmese military junta on civilians in Chin State, Myanmar.


The statement, which can be read in full here, states that the U.S. is “gravely concerned by reports of gross violations of human rights that Burmese security forces have perpetuated in Chin State.” The statement expresses especial concern at the junta’s destruction of over 100 homes as well as Christian churches.

According to the State Department, the junta’s actions “[lay] bare the regime’s complete disregard for the lives and welfare of the people of Burma.” The Department then calls on the international community to hold the junta accountable so that these violations of human rights may cease.

They also express concern over the junta’s “intensification of military operations” in Chin State and Sagaing, and call on the junta to put an end to the violence, release detainees, and restore democracy and peace to Myanmar.


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