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Hungary continues Helping – Tristan Azbej and the mission of Hungary Helps in the Congo

Tristan Azbej in DRC

Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps program, along with its missionary team, will go home today from their mission in the DRC. Hungary Helps visited the institutions supported by the Hungarian government in the Congo.

On his Facebook page, Azbej reports on his recent visit to the DRC last week.  The State Secretary inaugurated the Othniel orphanage, located in Kinshasa’s slum, inhabited by fifty-four thousand people within the framework of this programme.

In the Congo, only four out of ten school-age children have had the opportunity to receive an education.

With the creation of the educational centre, the Hungarian government intends to provide high-quality education to the Congolese children, which will help them to learn a profession that will empower them to make a living, writes Azbej.

The Hungary Helps delegation later visited the ophthalmologist, Richard Hardi, who has been healing eye diseases in African countries for twenty-five years, in horrible conditions. The Saint Raphael ophthalmology Centre provides medical assistance for more than eight million people; Hardi operates on twelve people a day on average. The Hungary Helps Program supported his work with a new building and solar panels.

In a video of his last journey, State Secretary Tristan Azbej highlights that every Hungarian can be proud of the work of Dr. Hardi, who managed to build up an institution, which treats thirty-five thousand patients a year.

Source, photo: Tristan Azbej’s Facebook page

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