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Christian church with memorial for aborted babies vandalised by abortionists

A Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado, which has a memorial to the memory of aborted babies was graffitied by abortionists on the 29th of September.

The Sacred Heart of Mary Church was defaced with graffiti that read: “Jesus likes abortion”, “out with your prohibitions of our body”, and “hands-off my uterus”. The vandals traced some icons on one of the cars belonging to the parish, writing: “my body, my choice”. They also threw eggs at the walls and broke the windows.

There are four thousand crosses erected in the parish, each standing for a baby that was aborted in the United States. The vandals also damaged more than half of the crosses.

Even though the church has a video surveillance system, the recordings do not reveal the vandals’ identity, said Mark Evevard, parish youth and social communications director. He also invited the faithful to pray for the soul and the conversion of these people.

Source: ACIdigital

Photo: Washington Times

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