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Students relieve church burnt down by far-left in Chile

After the sacking and burning of the Church of the Assumption in Santiago de Chile on the 18th of October 2020, during far-left demonstrations, students offered to help the cure to restore the building and are working on its recovery. This church had also suffered vindictiveness from the far left the year before, on the 8th of October 2019.


Aleteia writes on this subject: “ The images of the tower collapsing in the midst of the flames shocked not only the neighbors and the faithful but also the whole country. Young students from the Worker and Peasant University Department (DUOC), a professional center that teaches in technical fields such as construction, electricity, heritage restoration and risk prevention, were moved and contacted the parish priest for offer their help. 

Pupils, students and volunteers launched the “Sursum Corde” project (Haut les cœurs!)for the purpose of assessing the damage, cleaning and saving elements of sculptures and paintings for later restoration. Those who participate in the project remember that after the destruction of the church, it was difficult and painful to enter because the emotion was high.

But despite everything, they immediately got down to the task of cleaning the interior. In the midst of the rubble, they saved pieces of charred wood, pages of the Gospel and parts of the paintings that decorated the walls of the church, in order to restore them. It was also at this point that they came up with the idea of ​​creating something symbolic, something that would show that love can still triumph over such destructive violence.


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