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International Christian Concern raises money to help Afghan Christians

Since the Taliban take over, Christians are in extreme danger in Afghanistan. International Christian Concern raises money to help Afghan Christians; you can also donate to help.


More than ten thousand Christians are under the threat of death. Christians in Afghanistan are all converts from Islam, and if their faith becomes known,  they are condemned to death.

International Christian Concern reports about the latest situation:

“With all civilian flights out of Afghanistan cancelled indefinitely and the borders controlled by the Taliban, Christians are in extreme danger.

  • The Taliban are going door to door to identify Christians.
  • Christians are getting phone calls from the Taliban saying, “We’re coming for you.”
  • Many Christians are in hiding.
  • Several judges and government officials have been murdered.”

ICC is raising money to help the Christians in danger and also those in need. If you want to support the initiative, you can read about the details of the aid programme or  donate here.

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