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Statue depicting John Paul II was demolished in Mexico

On the 1st of September, early in the morning, a drunk man demolished the statue of John Paul II in front of the Saint Peter parish in Tlaquepaque, Mexico's Jalisco State.

In a note published on the 15th of September, the parish priest of the Saint Pedro church, P. José de Jesús González Rosas, told ArquiMedios that the perpetrator was seen leaving the spot in a jeep and must have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

The priest also added that the incident was recorded by local inhabitants, which recordings are the only proof, as the security cameras were not working. He mentioned that as well as the statue, the drunk man also damaged the church’s main gate.

“The reparations will cost one hundred thousand pesos, which is the eighth of the commercial value of the statue”, said Jorge Frausto Arias, the sculptor of the John Paul II statue.  

Source, photo: Aciprensa

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