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Drunk man aspired to set Christian church on fire with faithful inside in France

At around 11 AM on Sunday, the 8th of August, a man and a woman wearing T-shirts in the colours of the Algerian flag threatened the faithful in the Sainte-Trinité Church of Manch with "burning the Christians". A member of the faithful intervened and tried to convince the man to renounce his plan.


Police officers arrived very quickly,  prohibited the faithful from filming the scene, and later went to question the individual at his home at 1:45 am. He owned a dummy weapon and was in a state of intoxication.

The departmental direction of public security (DDSP) of the Manche states: “ According to the statements of a military witness, a passer-by tried to control the individual causing him to fall to the ground. Drunk and furious, the individual got up shouting that he “was going to kill everyone” (…) He then left the premises to enter an apartment located in a street near the church, closed the shutter of one of the two windows and exhibited a Kalashnikov in the other. ”

The forty-one-year-old man was remanded in custody by the police.


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