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Six Christian families excluded from aid in Vietnam

The government excluded the Christians from access to water tanks.


In June, the Vietnamese government provided help to the inhabitants of a province near the border with China to access drinking water. This area is situated on mountains and rocks, so getting water from underground sources is difficult. For this reason, the main source of these people is rainwater.

However, stocking the water is a great problem in the area, so the government provided financial aid of around 450 dollars to each family to buy water tanks.

In this area, six Christian families were excluded from the aid because of their faith. According to local sources, they were told:

“You are Christians. We are not responsible for you. Go and seek help in the church. If you need help, reconvert to our religion and admire our ancestors. If you keep believing in Christ you will get nothing”.

This province is situated in one of the poorest parts of Vietnam. During the dry season, the inhabitants have to walk six kilometres to get drinking water.

Source: Portas Abertas

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