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Sixteen-year-old Christian girl raped in her own house in Pakistan


Muslim man forced a sixteen-year-old girl to have sexual intercourse with him in her own house at gunpoint.

On the 21st of June, a sixteen-year-old Christian girl, Kainat was home alone in Gulistan Colony near Factory area police station Lahore, Pakistan, because her parents were working. However, their neighbour, Muhammad Adeel seized the opportunity, climbed the wall and entered Kainat’s home.
He had a gun, and he raped the girl while pointing the gun at her. The man remained in the house for three hours. When her parents came back, the girl told them everything. Her parents took her to the police station and filed a complaint against Muhammad Adeel. However, instead of taking action against the rapist, the police officer tried to convince the girl’s parents to seek reconciliation with the rapist.
In the end, the parents complied with the request because there was so much pressure on them on the part of the police; they were also afraid of the rapist.

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