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Statue of Christ vandalised with abortion slogan

A political activist art group hung a 45-foot banner reading “God Bless Abortions” on the 65-foot tall Christ of the Ozarks statue that “stands as a symbol of hope” in northwest Arkansas on Thursday night.


Members of the activist art collective called Indecline disguised themselves as construction workers to sneak onto the property and used pulleys and climbing gear to hang the banner on the Christ of the Ozarks statue in Eureka Springs that was erected in 1966. 

Kent Butler, director of operations at The Great Passion Play, the Christian organization that manages the Christ of the Ozarks statue, told The Christian Post that he hopes the political message Indecline tried to portray will instead turn people’s attention to Jesus. 

A statement from the activist group said they treated the statue like a billboard since it is visible from miles away. Indecline called abortion a “miracle worth celebrating,” saying it “saves lives.”

In March, the group vandalised a Christian billboard about Jesus and changed the wording to promote abortion. 


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