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Iranian prisoner calls for prayer: ‘I need comfort from the Lord’

Since the day former house church participant Nasser Navard Gol-Tapeh first wrote his first letter to authorities from Evin Prison (known as Iran’s “torture factory”), Open Doors has followed his journey through his many inspiring letters.


Open Doors writes:

“Today, there is no letter—just a simple and desperate request to pray for “comfort from the Lord.”

Our brother, who turns 60 in August, just got word that his request for conditional release has been rejected. Article 18 writes, “the news comes as a bitter blow to the Christian convert … having been regularly assured by prison authorities in recent months that his request would be accepted.”

Nasser is eligible for parole after serving over one-third of his 10-year sentence for being part of a Tehran house church—what the Iranian government calls “actions against national security.”

Since the start of his sentence in January 2018, Nasser has made three requests for a retrial—all rejected. The ruling in Nasser’s case was based on evidence provided by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence. However, the documents containing the evidence were not given to his lawyer to review, nor were they presented during the trial.”

You can read the full article here.

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