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Polish “Abortion Dream Team” wants to teach children about abortion

The Polish pro-abortion organisation named "Abortion Dream Team" published a guide to explain abortion to children. In the guide, advice on answering a child's question on what an abortion is, among other topics, can be found.


The text reads: “The answer should, of course, be adapted to the age and knowledge of the questioner. Translating a medical procedure to a five-year-old person using biological terms is unlikely to end well. The child will not understand much and will seek answers elsewhere. [Just say that] an abortion happens when a person is pregnant but does not want to be pregnant. Some people take special pills to stop being pregnant anymore .” 

“Older children going to primary school are likely to ask more questions to understand what an abortion is exactly. You can satisfy their curiosity by saying that “abortion happens when a person is pregnant and no longer wants to be so. While still very small in the belly, the interconnected cells begin to grow until they grow so much that they become a baby. But it is a long process. Some people take special pills or have surgery to remove these cells before they become a baby “- advises  the Abortion Dream Team.

According to the Abortion Dream Team, you can have an abortion because “you just don’t want to be pregnant” or “the cell group is developing badly”, and because you don’t have money or because you already have as many children as you want.

“It is important to show how common abortion is as almost one in four people who can become pregnant decide to have an abortion at some point in their lives,” according to the author of the study.


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