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In a Netflix series, Jesus comes down from the cross and shoots his enemies – Citizen GO have launched a petition against this disgusting scene

In the fourth episode of the third season of the Paradise P. D. animated series, as his 'last words' on the cross, Jesus says, "Messiah-Nara bitches." He then comes down from the cross and massacres the Roman soldiers with two machine guns. Two weeping women then run to Jesus, who kisses one of them passionately, in what can only be called a blasphemous scene.


In this episode, the main characters are shown a video about the importance of guns in society. The video explains what would have happened if Jesus had held a weapon. When one of the Roman soldiers asks the crucified Jesus for his last words, he replies, “Messiah-Nara bitches”, gets two machine guns and, by some magic force, leaves the cross and massacres the Roman soldiers present at his crucifixion.

After this already blasphemous scene, two women in bikinis, with a scarf around their heads, probably alluding to some of the weeping women or even the Blessed Virgin, run to Jesus who then starts to kiss one of them in a disgusting manner. We then see for the second time, the main characters, hear some muffled sounds  and Jesus shouting “Oh my dad”.

Hungarian Citizen GO launched a petition to demand that Netflix remove this and other blasphemous movies from the streaming service. If you want to join and sign the petition, you can do so here.

A link to the video is available here; however, viewer discretion is strongly advised:

Video source: MRC


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