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Cardinal Bo after church bombs: it is a humanitarian tragedy, stop the attacks

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"It is with immense pain that we express our concern over the attack on innocent civilians who took refuge in the Church of the Sacred Heart on the night of May 23", said Cardinal Charles Maung Bo Archbishop of Yangon and President of the Burmese Bishops' Conference, in a heartfelt appeal that condemns "acts of violence and ongoing heavy-weapon bombing attacks on a frightened group of women and children".


The Cardinal refers to the recent attacks by armed forces on villages in the Loikaw area, in the Burmese state of Kayah in the east of Mynamar, on the border with Thailand. In the village of Kayanthayar, the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart was also attacked by mortars.

Four people died and many more were injured, including women and children. The church building was badly damaged, “which testifies the intensity of the attack on a place of worship”, which forced the displaced who had found shelter to flee into the jungle. Now thousands of people are exhausted, says the Cardinal, who complains that there is a lack of food, water, shelter, hygiene and medicine

“Among them, there are many children and the elderly who are starving and without medical assistance”, notes the Archbishop who affirmed: “It is a great humanitarian tragedy”. 

Source: Agenzia Fides

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