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Christian woman kept in captivity by her own family in Saudi Arabia

The parents of an ex-Muslim woman prohibited her from going back to her husband.

Portas Abertas tells the story of Ahmad and his wife, who left Islam and converted to Christianity in Saudi Arabia, and are facing persecution. Ahmad is facing a juridical process for the “crime” of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and helping her sister to leave the country without the consent of her husband and family.

While he is waiting for his verdict, his wife’s family is trying to tear apart the couple. The woman’s parents called her home with the pretext that her mother felt sick after she got COVID19 vaccinated. However, as soon as she arrived home, the parents detained their daughter and did not let her go back to her husband. They wanted to keep her away from her Christian husband.

They told their daughter that Ahmad would be arrested soon, after the hearing on the 30th of May, and she had better not go home. Moreover, her parents also put pressure on her to divorce and reconvert to Islam.

Source: Portas Abertas

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