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Church Attacked and Desecrated in Eastern Turkey

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The cave church has been the object of multiple anti-Christian actions in recent times.

On the 11th of May 2021,  it was discovered that Marta Shimoni Church in Turkey’s village of Mehr was attacked and desecrated by unknown persons. This is the same village where the elderly parents of a Chaldean Catholic priest were kidnapped last year. His mother, Simoni Diril, was later found deceased. Her husband, Hormoz Diril, remains missing.

Marta Shimoni is a cave church built into the mountains and cannot be destroyed in the same way as other churches. Video footage obtained by ICC shows that the primary focus of the attack was against Christian objects and relics inside the church. Crosses, images of Jesus, and rosaries were strewn across the path leading away from the mountain church’s entrance.

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