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Vietnamese family refused to leave their Christian faith

The family lost everything when they converted to Christianity. The community offered to make up on their loss, on the condition they renounce their Christian faith. The family refused this offer.


After converting to Christianity, a Vietnamese family lost everything. The local community members burned their land, the husband was fired from his job, and the children were sent away from their school.

After taking everything from the recently converted Christians, the village came together and made the following decision:

“You [the Christian family] will once again benefit from state allowances, you will receive money to buy cows or pigs and to refurbish your house. Your children can go back to school, all their costs will be covered by the state… in the case that you renounce your faith in writing. Otherwise, your house will be destroyed, and you have to leave the village”.

In response to these threats, the head of the family said:

“I and my family have never hurt you. I have the right to choose my religion. Since my conversion, I stopped drinking and gambling, I became a better husband… Why should I renounce my faith?”

After this answer, the furious local authorities and villagers started beating him.

Source: Portes Ouvertes

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