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Videoconference by the Foundation for Africa regarding the Hungary Helps Program

Foundation for Africa, HHP

On the 7th of April, the Foundation for Africa organised a videoconference regarding the co-operation between the foundation and the Hungary Helps Agency.

The director of the program described how the project works. He said that the Hungary Helps Program is the humanitarian program of Hungary, which aids people in need, regardless of ethnicity or religion. He added that in addition to the humanitarian program, there is also a scholarship program.

The reporter asked about the conference in November of 2020, and the conclusions reached. The director replied that the outcome was that Central-Eastern Europe has a place in this humanitarian system and can provide added value to it.

“We have to give a net, not a fish,” when it comes to aid, said the director, referring to the Bible

Mr Mutombo, President of the Foundation for Africa added, that the program effectively finds the crucial places and points to aid, and highlighted the partnership relationship between the African NGOs and the HHP. He noted how the relationship with Hungarian volunteers and volunteers from Western Europe differs and the positive added value.

The reporter asked why Hungary needs to aid places like Africa, and Mr Kovács-Pifka replied that: “This is the right thing to do.” Since Hungary can help — out of Christian solidarity, it should do so and willingly. In a global world, if a region or a whole continent suffers, Hungary suffers with it as well. Helping people stay in their homelands, preserving their culture and identity is also aligned with Hungary’s Government.

The reporter echoed the good practice of helping people in their homeland. She asked that how the program picks the region to aid. He highlighted that the most crucial point is how badly the petitioning party needs the aid. For examples, he mentioned the explosion in Beirut firstly. In Lebanon, the program could deliver quick support via the churches. Secondly, the scholarship program – which the Foundation for Africa co-operates with the HHP – provides scholarships to students in need. Thirdly, there is the support of infrastructures which usually means restoring hospitals, schools or churches. The outcomes of the projects are also a key factor when the final decisions are made.

In conclusion, the director talked about the programs in co-operation with the foundation, programs mainly focusing on education and infrastructure, specifically the construction of a school. There is a new project focusing on medicine called “Tele Medicina“. With the new technology, doctors could remotely instruct the physicians present with the patient in a fully equipped medical container via computer or a phone.

The President explained how helpful the educational aid for the children in Congo is as it spreads from primary school to university and varies between practical knowledge and academic studies. With proper education, a youngster would less likely migrate to Europe and decrease his chances of becoming a criminal, said the President. 

In his final remarks, the Director talked about the volunteer program, where Hungarian volunteers can help in person.

Source: Foundation for Africa

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