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Portuguese court confirms that the country’s euthanasia act is unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of Portugal ruled on Monday that the law legalising euthanasia adopted by the parliament on the 29th of January is inconsistent with the fundamental law.


As explained by the judge of the Constitutional Court, Pedro Machete, the law is mainly contrary to the principle of the inviolability of human life contained in the constitution.

He added that the act also conflicts with the constitution in three other parts of its provisions. He recalled that the application addressed to the Constitutional Court by the president of the country, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in February, referred to, inter alia, the constitutionality of the provisions contained in the act calling for a decision on the possibility of euthanising a specific patient.

In a motion sent to the Constitutional Court on the 19th of February, the Portuguese president expressed his conviction that the regulations adopted by the parliament were flawed, as they did not specify detailed procedures for subjecting patients to euthanasia, and at the same time gave too much prerogative to individual doctors in this matter.


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