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Nearly three hundred abducted Nigerian schoolgirls released

The Christian Post reports that nearly three hundred abducted Nigerian schoolgirls were safely returned to their families after being kidnapped on Friday by armed militants. The Associated Press and Reuters released a video that showed the hundreds of the freed and barefoot schoolgirls in light blue hijabs waiting at a Zamfara state government building to be released.


Activists worldwide have called on the Nigerian government to intervene to end the fatal trend of abductions and terror activity. 

According to the AP/Reuters video, no group has claimed responsibility for the abduction, which is the country’s largest-ever kidnapping of schoolgirls, according to AP/Reuters video.

The kidnapping is under investigation. Though kidnapping for ransom has become a profitable industry for terrorist groups in Nigeria, authorities claim ransom was not paid for the girls’ release.

However, The Wall Street Journal notes that one of the girls reported that a ransom had been paid, and the kidnappers even fired shots in the middle of the night to celebrate the payment’s arrival.


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