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Croatian MPs collect signatures under a bill protecting conceived life

The Sovereign Croats group is collecting signatures of support for a bill that significantly restricts the legal possibility of killing unborn children. The project highlights the fact that human existence begins at conception. Therefore, the only reason for aborting a child would be a situation in which the pregnancy would result in the death of the mother.


For a bill to enter parliament, its initiators must collect at least thirty signatures. Consequentially, they appealed for the support of all parliamentarians who have ever declared themselves to be pro-life.

They emphasise that their arguments is based on scientific facts and Christian teaching, and that it fully protects human life from conception. They appeal to the defenders of life to mobilise parliamentarians to actively take the side of unborn children.

The current law was adopted in 1978. It allows for the unlimited killing of children up to the 10th week of pregnancy and also afterwards, but with some restrictions. In 2017, the Constitutional Court ordered parliament to pass a new law within two years. The sovereigns recalled that from March 2019, they have been waiting for their proposals to be discussed.


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