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A documentary is being created about LGBT Jesus

"Wonderfully Made" is a documentary, that is rewriting Christian history in favour of homosexual people. The film presents Jesus as a homosexual man and contains reports from persons such as James Martin, a homosexual Jesuit priest. reported that the film will be shown this year, and is advertised with a poster representing the cross of Jesus, cloaked in a rainbow flag. Over the flag, the letters ‘LGBTQ’ are shown instead of the traditional ‘INRI’, 

The documentary will represent Jesus as a gay man, and feature James Martin, a Jesuit priest, who is openly homosexual and participates in pride-campaigns. Members of DignityUSA and New Ways Ministry also speak in the video. These associations call themselves ‘Catholics’, who stand out for sexual minorities and accept any kind of sexual relationship.

However, it is essential to highlight that, in 1999,  the Theological Congregation permanently banned the founders of New Ways Ministry from all pastoral services.

According to Yuval David, a homosexual  Jewish man who directed the movie, this documentary is going to be something original.

Photo: Lifesitenews

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