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Hungarian leftist politicians openly attack the Christian Church

Recently, numerous Hungarian leftists politicians attacked the Christian Church on social media. One of them, a deputy mayor resigned from his position, after sharing a hateful comment on Facebook against Christianity.


In a world, where it is unacceptable to speak against any ethnic, religious or ideological community, Christians can be verbally insulted without consequences in Hungary, writes

Recently, many leftist politicians in Hungary shared hate speech against the Christian Church, on social media.

Szilárd Csiki, the deputy mayor of Pusztaszabolcs (a town in Hungary near Budapest), resigned after being challenged for a comment on Facebook, in which he blasphemed against the Virgin Mary. The leftist politician commented on a post of Atheist meme factory (Ateista mémgyár), which compared a used condom to the Virgin Mary’s shape with the baby Jesus. He wrote in his comment:

“If Mary had had it at those times, she wouldn’t have needed to invent a whole religion after f*cking around”.

Gáspár Békés, the climate and environmental expert of the town hall of Budapest is openly an atheist activist, and he posts regularly Christian blasphemer contents on social media.

On his meme-site (Magyarország Jobban Mémesít), the individual shared the Eucharistic Congress’s poster, that will be organised at Budapest in 2021, and called Jesus a “Middle-Eastern refugee”. In an earlier post, he shared his opinion, that paedophilia, rape, sexism, and anti-science are parts of the Christian values. In a November post, he compared Catholicism to sadomasochism. 

And finally, not only the politicians but also some media use their popularity to make fun of Christianity. Gábor Pápai, a caricaturist of Népszava, has made a caricature that satirises the Hungarian National Chief Medical Officer and Jesus. The caricaturist was sued by Imre Vejkey, a deputy of the KDNP party, but the plaintiff lost the lawsuit.

In the light of these facts, it seems that in the 21st century, you cannot hurt any religious, ethnic or ideological community—except Christians. 

Photo: Árpád Csiki,ex-deputy mayor of Pusztaszabolcs. Source:

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