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Authorities in Yunnan force a church to install a Chinese flag

Yesterday, dozens of local officials sought to install the national flag at a church in China’s Yunnan province. The congregation’s resistance resulted in conflicts between the two sides.


According to the video shared by the Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, dozens of unidentified local government staff descended at Tuguadi Church in Wuding County and attempted to install China’s flag at the church forcibly.

Members from the church tried to resist, but some of them were manhandled by the officials, while other Christians were crying and asking for help. The video showed the chaos that took place in front of the church.

While filming, the church members urged the media and other Christians to pay attention to this incident. “Didn’t our country say that the government will govern us based on law and construct a harmonious society?” he asked. If they use this violent and forceful way to install the national flag in front of our church, what reaction would you have?”

The incident shows the heavy pressure to which Chinese Christians are subjected to under China’s communist rule.


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