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Another Difficult Christmas for Chinese Christians

While the rest of the world celebrates Christmas with joy and social distanced services, Christians in China once again face challenges and restrictions as the government continues to clamp down on Christianity.

According to pastor Yang Xibo from Xunsiding Church in Xiamen city, some local Christians were invited to perform Christmas songs at Wanda Plaza (a shopping mall) on Christmas Eve, yet their performance was interrupted by local police. Local Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau and State Security also dispatched staff to make sure the Christians’ performance is canceled.

A state-sanctioned Catholic church in Jiangsu province’s Wuxi city had to obtain approval from at least eight offices before it can hold any Christmas mass. The Taihu Catholic Church’s application with many official seals has been widely circulated online to show how difficult it is even for a government-approved church to celebrate Christmas.

Source: ICC

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