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Holy Mass interrupted and altar desecrated by Communists in Vietnam

The faithful, shocked by this event, protected the hierarch, who could then resume the celebration, reports the Asia News agency.

Hundreds Church of the Almighty God members arrested in China

In another unified operation in April, at least one hundred CAG members were arrested.

Catholic bishops condemn massacre of sixteen villagers by Maoists in Peru

Maoist guerrillas killed sixteen villagers in Peru.

Far-left activists attacked a Catholic procession in Paris

French Catholics have been subjected to persecution since the eighteenth century.

40 Chinese officials raid home Bible study, detain preacher and worshipers

The atrocity happened in Xuncheng Church in the capital of Shanxi province.

Another Difficult Christmas for Chinese Christians

Even a state-sanctioned Catholic church had to obtain approval from at least eight offices before it coul hold any Christmas mass.

Vietnam Forces Evangelical Church to Cancel Congress

The government asked for their résumés from the candidates.

Witold Pilecki: the forgotten hero

Pilecki's life is that of courage and bravery beyond measure.