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Pastor beaten and left to die in a room in India


In October, a Christian Pastor was beaten by radical Islamists and left behind to die in a remote room. Fortunately, after some days he was found and released by an elderly woman, who lived nearby.


Six nationalists attacked the Pastor as he was distributing gospel tracts in Tiryani village. The nationalists confronted Pastor Shelton and told him to stop handing out the tracts. After he agreed to their demands, the nationalists attacked him.

The men seized the keys to Pastor Shelton’s scooter, took away his phone, and physically assaulted him. The last thing Pastor Shelton recalled happening was the nationalists were threatening to offer him as a sacrifice to their god as they beat him.

“They punched my back and told me that they would offer me as a sacrifice to their deity as a punishment,” Pastor Shelton told Morning Star News. “They struck severe blows on my head so that I soon fainted.”

When pastor Shelton regained consciousness, he was locked by himself in a dark room.

“I shouted for help, but nobody could hear me,” Pastor Shelton told Morning Star News. “I was lying down on the floor without food or water for the next few days. They did not give me anything to eat or drink.”

After several days, an elderly woman who lived nearby heard Pastor Shelton’s cries and released him from the room. The woman told Pastor Shelton that the door was bolted from the outside. She also said that she was scared the nationalists would come after her if they found out she released him.


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