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Numerous Christians wounded in Fulani attacks across Nigeria

Multiple attacks across Nigeria left numerous Christians suffering from major wounds in the last weeks. These attacks, believed to have been conducted by Fulani militants, took place in Plateau State and Adamawa State.


In Plateau State, in the village of Vatt, in Barkin Ladi County, two Christian men were ambushed at the Ratsat-Rat junction. These two men suffered multiple gunshot wounds. They were then taken to the University of Jos Teaching Hospital for medical care. Both survived the attack, but are going to have a long and hard recovery ahead of them.

In Adamawa State, two separate attacks left victims with large gashes and bullet wounds. On the 10th of October,  three Christians were attacked and severally hurt in the attack. 

In the second attack that same day, two men were attacked as they were returning home from the market. They were in Yola North, part of the state capital when they were ambushed. Both of these men suffered gunshot wounds and one has a broken arm. All of the victims in Adamawa are being treated at the main hospital there.

The Nigerian government does virtually nothing to help these people or ensure that they or others like them are safe in the future. They continue to turn a blind eye to these attacks, rather trying to blame the victims for their suffering.



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