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Boko Haram’s child soldier executed a Christian student in Nigeria

Boko Haram continues the bloody persecution of Christians. In a recent video, jihadists can be seen killing a Christian student. A child soldier can be seen among the terrorists holding a gun to the head of the victim.



The Christian martyr, Ropvil Daciya Dalep, was a member of the ‘Church of Christ in Nations’ community. He was kidnapped on the 9th of January, on a road, connecting Damaturu with Maiduguri, on his way to the Maiduguri University.

In the video, a child soldier explains that the execution of the student was an act of vengeance for atrocities committed by Christians against the local Muslim community. 

“He is a Christian from Plateau state. We warn every Christian that we haven’t forgotten the atrocities that you committed against our fathers and grandfathers. Christians from all around the world have to know that we won’t forget their offences until we have paid back them all with bloodshed,” the boy says in the video.

After his speech, the young boy shoots his victim in the head and then in the back. It was the fourth such video depicting an execution shared by these terrorists since December of 2019.


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