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Pakistan: Court of Karachi sentenced the abductors of Huma Younus to prison

On Monday, 21st of September, the Court of First Instance of Eastern Karachi sentenced Abdul Jabbar Abdul Jabbar and his accomplices to prison after they abducted and forced a 14-year-old Christian girl, Huma Younus, to get married to one of them. The girl is now 15 years old and is held in captivity in a small room. Additionally, the girl is probably pregnant from her raper.


Tabassum Yousaf, the advocate of Huma told ACN Foundation, that the verdict of Monday might be an important step forward in the case of the Christian girl, who was abducted in October, and whose juridical process took a turnaround in July when the Court recognised that Huma was indeed underaged. According to Huma’s advocate, postponing judicial justice is tantamount to denying it.

This case might be especially important in Pakistan because the maltreatment of minors is taken lightly by the courts in the country. Advocate Yousaf is hoping that success in the case of Huma can help other girls in the country, who are in similar situations.

The family of Huma is looking forward to getting their daughter back. Her mother, Nagheeno Younus told the ACN Foundation that “I would like Huma to continue her studies, soon it is time for her to get married.” Then she added: “I will never accept Abdul Jabbar as my son-in-law. He is just an abductor, nothing more. I beg him to give my daughter back”.

Source: ACN Foundation of Portugal

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