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Christian family attacked by Hindu radicals in India

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Leaders of about twenty-five hard-line Hindu assailants armed with bamboo sticks forced their way into the house of a Christian family in the Indian city of Jhikatia, Bihar state.


Saying Christians could not live in their village, the assailants dragged Punita Kumari and her husband, Pastor Vinouwa Das, out and began beating him.

His sister tried to shield him, and they beat her too, she said. Kumari gathered up her newborn and rushed out, pleading with the assailants to talk about any grievances rather than attack, but they ignored her, she said.

“They shouted at me that we must vacate the premises immediately, and that they will not allow Christian services in the village,” Kumari told Morning Star News. “They were furious and beat me up also with the wooden sticks. It was not even a month since I was out of labor. My newborn also suffered injuries along with me.”

“Among the assailants were members of the once-Christian family who had granted them land for their home and a one-room church building, as hard-line Hindus had pressured them to renounce Christianity and reclaim the land,” she said.


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