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China will censor teachers who mention God in class

A new report from the Centre for Studies on New Religion's publication 'Bitter Winter' reveals China is spying on and censoring any religious teacher to make sure they don't mention God during their classes.


The Centre for Studies on New Religion, a human rights organisation focusing on abuses by the Chinese Communist Party’s regime, published the report in an effort to help end the crackdown. The report also states that religious teachers are already considered a threat to the Chinese Communist Party for the simple fact of being religious, regardless of what they have taught. 

The Chinese Ministry of Education adopted Opinions on Building and Improving a Long-term Effective Mechanism for College Teachers’ Ethics Construction in 2016, demanding teachers “not [to] say or do anything against the Party line in their educational or teaching activities.” Student informants planted in classes by authorities help ensure that teachers implement this order.

Numerous educators have already been punished for not emphatically teaching the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda, with no indications the persecution of free-thinking teachers will end.

It is yet another example of Christian persecution in this country. The Chinese Communist Party recently shut down a 1,500-member church after they refused to install surveillance cameras in their church. The authorities also confiscated what they called “illegal promotional material” which likely included mostly Bibles and church literature.

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