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Married couple murdered by Fulani militants in Nigeria

On the 13th of September, in the state of Plateau in Nigeria, Fulani militants attacked and murdered a couple on their way home. The attack took place on the Hukke Road in Miango Local Government Area in the evening, when the couple was returning home from their farm.


The couple, Sunday Audu, 45, and his wife, Lami Audu, 32, were attacked less than 200 metres away from a security post yet the security personnel did nothing to help them. According to an eyewitness, Daniel Gbere,  the security officers waited until the attack was completed and the attackers had escaped before they reacted. This is despite the fact that the military checkpoints stationed throughout Nigeria are there in order to keep peace and stop attacks such as these from taking place.

This is not the first time that security officials have not arrived on time to fulfil their work. They usually show up hours after the incident to secure the area.

This includes an attack that took place in June 2018, where an entire village was destroyed less than 150 metres from a military checkpoint.

When called, the members stationed at the checkpoint said that they could not leave the post despite being able to clearly see the burning house and hear gunfire. It was only hours later that the military sent anyone to help put out the fire.


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