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Stolen tabernacle was found in Canada


As we reported, earlier this week, the tabernacle was stolen from the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral in Ontario. The tabernacle was recovered on Wednesday the 9th of September.


The tabernacle was found by a group of parishioners from the cathedral in Centennial Park, which is located near the cathedral. The tabernacle was partially submerged in a canal, and parts of the ciborium were missing.

According to local media, the Eucharist was not found in the tabernacle, but because it was in a body of water, it may have dissolved.

After Mass on Wednesday afternoon, someone came to the rectory door with one of the tabernacle’s brass doors. The man said that he had been given the piece of the tabernacle on the street, by a man who said that someone gave it to him in Centennial Park.

The tabernacle’s other door is yet to be found.

A tabernacle was stolen from a cathedral in Canada

Source, photo: Catholic News Agency

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