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A young altar server was murdered in Brazil

Altar server

On the 24th of August, a young altar server of the Parish of Saint Peter of Fortaleza was shot dead on the street.


The incident happened on the 18th of August, when the 14-year-old altar server of the Parish of Saint Peter, Jefferson Brito Teixeira, arrived at a crossroads in the district of Barra do Ceará, in Fortaleza.

According to the parish priest, Father João Antônio Flores, Jefferson had gone to a capoeira lesson that night. The lesson was cancelled, and the boy went home earlier than usual. On his way back, he took a wrong road and was attacked by strangers. According to eyewitnesses, before being shot dead, he was beaten and stoned. His friends confirmed that he had not been involved in any gangland-business; he was only in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The parish leaders shared a statement about the death of the boy and highlighted that he was always a polite, good-natured boy who served God with enthusiasm.

According to recent sources, police have arrested a man, who was presumably among the leaders involved in the attack.

Source, photo: Diário do Nordeste

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