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“I feel deep gratitude for not forgetting your brothers when no one else was there.”

This is the friendly message sent to the Hungarians from one of Christian scholarship-graduates originally from Iraq, who are some of the many young people who have been supported by the Hungary Helps Program through the years. Please watch video!

From a recent Facebook post of Tristan Azbej, Minister of State for Helping Persecuted Christians at the Prime Minister’s Office, it shows that many young people have already received and have already graduated the scholarship programs which the Hungary Helps Program offered them.
The program is designed in a way that those who take part in the framework will later have the opportunity to enrich their own homeland. After successfully completing their studies in Hungary they return to the countries they had once left from.
“I believe that young people returning to Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia will be real pillars for their communities. I hope that they will keep Hungary in their hearts and will not forget that they can always count on us. Good luck, God bless you!”  Tristan Azbej said.
Source and pictures from:  Hungary Helps
Tristan Azbej at the Hungary Helps scholarship program graduation dinner

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