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Iraqi Christians mourn genocide anniversary

The 7th of August was the anniversary of the 1933 Simele Massacre when over 65 Assyrian Christian villages in Iraq were targeted and thousands killed or displaced. This anniversary also corresponds to the 2014 invasion of ISIS into Nineveh, where Iraq’s Christians were again the targets of genocide.


The Simele Massacre site remains in shocking disarray, and the event is still unrecognised by those who perpetuated it. Today, ISIS has been officially declared defeated yet most of the Christian population remains displaced.

Acceptance of past and current genocides is critical for the prevention of future atrocities. As in this case, past events are still imprinted in the memories of both the victims and perpetrators.

Occurring only a year after modern Iraq’s foundation, the Simele Massacre established a history of genocide that continues. With no laws and little institutional protection, Christians are at increased risk from sleeper cells, militias, and militant tribalism.


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