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A drag queen simulated the beheading of a Polish archbishop

The Warsaw prosecutor's office brought an indictment against Marek M, the author of the "happening" consisting in the simulation of the cutting of Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski's throat. The man is accused of public incitement to murder a clergyman.


During last year’s election of “Mr Gay Poland” in Poznań, one of the drag queens, performed with a doll that had an image of Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski attached to it. During the performance, the murder of the Metropolitan of Krakow was simulated by cutting the doll’s throat.

The accused, Marek M, acted under the pseudonym of Mariolkaa Rebell. The prosecution indicated that with the words of the song being played, “Lola, I killed him”, the man simulated cutting a clergyman’s throat with a knife and used artificial blood to increase the effect.

Investigators reported that the analysis of the evidence provided was used to charge the commission of crimes: public incitement to crimes, incitement to hatred based on religious differences and insults based on religious affiliation.



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