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Faces of persecution: Although he was nearly killed, Pastor Jean Marc stayed in the Central African Republic

The Pastor stayed in Central Africa to support the Christian community, after that the Salaka massacred many Christians in the country.


The latest episode of the mini-series, Open Doors Brazil (The Faces of Persecution), presents the life of Pastor Jean Marc who decided to stay in his own country after the civil war of 2012.

The civil war was unleashed by the radical Islamist Salaka group to overthrow the Christian government and to empower Islam in  the country.

During the war,they destroyed the homes and shops of Christians, while preserving those of Muslims. 

Fortunately, Jean Marc, managed to escape the massacre. Salaka had already killed two pastors in the region, and Jean would have been the third if he had not been warned on time.

“They invaded my house and wanted to kill me. They were already on their way to me when I was warned: ‘Pastor, run away! They are coming to kill you’. My children heard this conversation. I wanted to stay but my little daughter started to cry and begged me: ‘Daddy, we can’t stay. Think of us. Let’s run away.’ Finally, I was convinced and we fled”, he said.

The family fled the house; Jean sent his family to the Congo while  he stayed in Central Africa to help the remaining Church members.

You can watch the story of Jean Marc here.

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