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International Christian Concern supports Christian convert in Uganda

When "Muslim-background believers" leave Islam behind, they risk losing their livelihood, community, and safety. MBB's must choose to forsake the comforts of life to forge a mean­ingful relationship with Jesus.


This was the case for a Ugandan man named Yusuf, a father of six who has been excluded from his extended family in 2018 after he converted to Christianity.

Since then, he has faced constant harassment for his faith. His house was burned down and he was the victim of false allegations, leaving him with the burden of legal fees. As a result, Yusuf lives in constant fear of what will hap­pen next because of his newfound faith in Christ.

To encourage Yusuf and his family and support them as they work through their financial stress, ICC provided him with a motorcy­cle. He will be able to use this vehicle as a “boda-boda” (motorcycle taxi) business. This business will allow Yusuf to provide a steady source of income for his family to pay their rent and address other family needs.

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