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French Antifa rejoice after the Nantes Cathedral fire

The French city of Nantes has become a city where anarchists, Antifa and other far-left militias, spread terror, especially in the city centre. As a result, anarchist groups manifested their satisfaction by smearing anarchist signs on the Saint-Clement church in the same city. On Twitter, one of the leaders of the anarchist movement stated that "the only church that illuminates is a burning one".


Over the past two years, around ten arson attacks have taken place in Grenoble. One, in particular, was the fire at the Saint-Jacques church which was destroyed. But, since the perpetrators were part of an ultra-left group, the prosecutor hasn’t done much so far.

Also the Cathedral in Rennes was the object of an attempted  arson attack on in June. The city is a  stronghold for far-left militias.

The health crisis has caused a wave of radicalisation within the far-left, which today would like to return to methods inspired by the terrorist groups of the 1980’s.

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