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Christian family under threat for reporting sexual assault in Pakistan

According to local reports, a Christian teen in Pakistan was sexually assaulted by his Muslim employer in early June. The incident took place in Sangla Hill, located in the Faisalabad district of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The assault took place on the 1st of June when the victim’s brother, Saqar, reported the crime to local police.


According to Dr Riaz Aasi, Chairman of the Alpha Human Rights Care Association, Qaiser Masih, the victim’s father, borrowed around 350,000 rupees ($2,127.66 USD) from Muhammad Tauseef around a year ago. Because of this debt, Qaiser’s 13-year-old son, Saim, was required to work on Tauseef’s agricultural land in exchange for a minimal salary.

“After a year, Saim’s father demanded an increase in Saim’s salary and other benefits to settle the accounts,” Dr Aasi told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Tauseef got irritated and rejected the demand.”

According to Dr Aasi, Tauseef went on to beat Qaiser and called him a “choora’, a derogatory term used to signify Pakistani Christians as untouchable. Tauseef then took out his anger on Saim. According to Saqar, Tauseef began beating and sexually assaulting his thirteen-year-old brother.


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